Shining in every arena

”You are the light of the world… You are the salt of the earth.” Jesus wasn’t making suggestions when He spoke these truths to His disciples. In this dark world, Christians must make their presence known through their love for each other, love for the world, and love for the truth. I’ve been guilty at times of only shining in the arenas that I’m comfortable shining in. It’s comfortable for me to shine in the church, at home, and with my neighbors and friends. The place I’ve struggled the most to shine is in the political arena (honest confession). Somehow many of our minds have been conditioned to believe that Christ’s Kingdom work is disconnected from the realm of politics.

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God at Work

What a great Sunday! I’m still processing the overwhelming and beautiful truths we dug into today from Hebrews chapter 2. Jesus has defeated the enemy and delivered us from the bondage of fear and death! Let’s walk in that truth this week!

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Good Friday and Unity

This Good Friday was a victory for the Kingdom of God and the church in Auburn, California. As Christians we often speak about the cross being the unifying factor among believers, but it is infrequent to actually see that truth physically manifested. This is what made Friday night so beautiful!

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Crossroads Vision Update

Dear Crossroads family,

It’s been such a joy to watch God change lives, equip believers, and bless our community through the work of Crossroads Church. Our mission is a simple one: “We are a community of Jesus followers who desire to experience God and carry His living hope into our world..” To practically see this vision come to pass, we will continue to build our ministry upon five foundational pursuits:

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Sunday Invitation

Greetings Crossroads family!

This past week, our pastoral leadership team took a couple days away to seek the Lord and discuss the vision and mission of Crossroads Church. We spent time reflecting on the incredible things God has done through our church, and we dreamed big about the things God wants to do in the days to come. For the next two Sundays, I will be sharing a recap of some of the things we’ve seen God accomplish as well as an update on our church’s vision and mission. This coming Sunday, March 18, I will be sharing at North Campus during both services. On Sunday, March 25th, I’ll be at South Campus.

During these Sundays, I will be honing in on what we believe God is asking of us during this next season of ministry in our community and around the world. I want to encourage you to join us and be praying about how God might use you as part of what He is accomplishing through our church. It’s also a great time to invite a friend who might be looking for a church or wants to know what Crossroads is really all about. I am resolved more than ever to see Crossroads Church become all that God has intended in His heart for us to be. There are so many in our community and in this world that need Jesus Christ, and I am confident that the Lord will use us to bring His hope and life into our world. God bless you, and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

By His Grace,
Pastor Josh